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What do you like most about being part of the choir?

"Renewing old friendships and making new friends" - Joanne


"The choir experience I find brings joy to the soul, and the physicality of singing and the spiritual surroundings fill me with wellbeing" - Shirley


"The people are very friendly, we are a diverse group and the music has a great range. I also like the fact that we are all at different levels but that we work together, with our individual abilities to make the choir whole." - Ann


Why did you join the choir?

"I saw that my friend was going to choir as she had mentioned it on Facebook, I love singing but don't get the opportunity unless its in the shower or the car!" - Clare


"I had recently moved into the area and wanted to meet people as I did not know anybody, I also wanted to be involved in my local community." - Ann


"A love of singing is something my wife and I share, so we thought this was an opportunity for some quality time together" - Graeme


What has been your highlight?

"Singing with my daughter" - Joanne


"It sounds cheesey but meeting new people I'd have probably never mixed with, and singing in a choir again for the first time in over twenty years has been superb. Gary is a great (and patient) leader" - Graeme


"Performing at the Christmas concert and having my family and friends share in the experience" - Shirley


"Singing again, which I've wanted to do for ages, and performing one of my favourite songs as part of a trio with my sister and her best friend " - Karen


Why would you recommend the choir?

"A relaxed, pressure free atmosphere to meet new people and sing a wide range of songs" - Karen


"I have recommended the choir to a few people already, I tell them its good fun and all the people are nice.  I often get the answer that people dont think they are good enough, I tell them you dont have to be amazing all you need is a voice!" - Clare


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens, can change the sound of Batley" - Ann


"There are always biscuits" - Graeme